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The Benefits of Membership

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Health Care Provider Selection
Members have primary medical care services through a retainer program with no co-payment and no health qualifications.  

Step 1.  Members should nominate their personal physician to be Provider in PPC. The member and their chosen physician will both benefit financially and medically.

Step 2. If the Member has no primary care physician,  PPC can find a good physician located near the member’s home from among the 900,000 with whom PPC has contracts nationally through Multi-plan PHCS.

Step 3. Members should choose either CPL or Quest for Lab Services. If you know which one of these labs your physician normally uses, it will make the services easier for both parties.

Step 4. Members should choose a Diagnostic Imaging Service. PPC can help in this regard and will find one that is near the member’s location.

The Cooperative is about health care, not insurance. When expenses are unexpected and expensive beyond one’s available cash then insurance is required. It can be provided through employer plans, government plans and through religious sharing ministries. PPC can help members in all of these situations. We are a consumer association that is qualified and approved by the State to purchase group insurance policies for our members. Such policies are not included in the two plans that are priced below.

Prices for health care services vary greatly and are unregulated, but the majority of physicians and hospitals will accept payment at rates established by Medicare, which rates are from 50% to 90% lower than billed charges. If you know you are going to need medical care, let PPC be your concierge and make sure you get the Medicare rates. If you are in an emergency,  let PPC deal with the bills after the fact to make sure you still get the Medicare rates.

We are not shopping in a big box store for something that is ready made and wrapped in plastic.  It is about people helping each other and finding the best advisers and technicians to cure our problems.   Cooperation!

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