Patient Physician Cooperative seeks to remodel health care

“On Nov. 19, demonstrators rallied in Pioneer Courthouse Square calling for health care reform and coverage for all. Speakers stepped to the microphone and called out “I’m mad as hell because…” The crowd then responded to their narratives of medical inequity with a chorus of “unacceptable!”

A desire for affordable, reliable medical care united those in attendance — a universal desire for a universal solution. The rally was supported by the Patient Physician Cooperatives (PPC), a nonprofit, insurance-free model of health care in Portland. Modeled after chapters in North Carolina and Houston, Texas, the local PPC was founded last spring.

“Portland is very comfortable with the idea of a co-op,” says Tony McCormick, a medical software writer who founded the Portland PPC. Compared to traditional insurance companies, the PPC also emphasizes alternative medicine practitioners, a seemingly perfect fit in naturopathic Portland.” … ”

January 20, 2012

By Devan Schwartz, Street Roots

Patient Physician Cooperative seeks to remodel health care