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Patient Physician Cooperative Offers Discounted Fees Without Insurance

“Portland is home to numerous co-operatives – including grocery stores and other businesses that employees run with their customers. So a healthcare co-op model allowing patients to choose a naturopathic doctor or acupuncturist as their primary care provider might seem like a uniquely Portland idea. But actually, the Patient/Physician Cooperative (PPC) – which started advertising […]

Patient Physician Cooperative seeks to remodel health care

“On Nov. 19, demonstrators rallied in Pioneer Courthouse Square calling for health care reform and coverage for all. Speakers stepped to the microphone and called out “I’m mad as hell because…” The crowd then responded to their narratives of medical inequity with a chorus of “unacceptable!” A desire for affordable, reliable medical care united those […]

Laughter Yoga

LeighAnne Leonard, CLYL Laughter Yoga was developed in 1995 by Madan Kataria, MD; it is based on the premise that the physiological benefits of laughter can be derived without relying on external humor. Rather, the practice of Laughter Yoga ties together child-like playfulness with yogic breathing. You needn’t have a sense of humor, or a […]

The Herb Shoppe

Traditional Medicine for a Modern Time The Herb Shoppe is a community oriented retail business focused on providing the highest qualities of herbs and botanical products.  We believe strongly in supporting local Herbalists and have an entire section devoted to their products. These herbs are some of the finest herbal products available. One of the […]