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Float On

Float On offers 90 minute float sessions in their Floatation Tanks. These sessions heal both the mind and spirit from stress. Without the constraints of gravity, it allows the spine to relax and lengthen, and can relieve chronic pain. A great service in PDX!

EnvIRONment Fitness

RUN, CRAWL, CARRY, LIFT, THROW, PLAY HARD, BREATHE DEEP, EAT WELL, HAVE FUN! Our mission is to support you in creating the fitness you want for your body and your life. We offer functional and unconventional fitness with purpose in Portland parks and kettlebell training at Gem Studio, as well as personal training and health […]

…A Unique Experience…

My husband and I have both been PPC members for the past year. We have had a great experience. We were able to find a quality doctor at a very affordable cost. Paying the monthly membership fee allowed us access to healthcare that we were not able to get for years before. It was also […]

Floating World Comics

Floating World Comics is the record store of comics stores. By that, I mean that there’s a different type of vibe here. We’re a bookstore that just happens to carry the coolest books of all — comics. But also art books, international art magazines, graphic design, illustration, animation, music and movie related items, anything that […]